Content Marketing for Children's Authors

Content Marketing for Children's Authors is THE ONLY online program that allows you to build a brand, create powerful content for your target audience, and explode your audience!

Know any other course that shows you how to market your book even if you have NO sales experience?
Know any other course that grow your audience using non-icky strategies?
Know any other course that will help you do all this, before your book is even published?

Here are just some of the things you get when you decide to invest in Content Marketing for Children's Authors:

  • recorded videos so you can see the plan in action
  • workbooks because authors love lists!
  • a FB group to get daily on the spot help, feedback and advice (also gentle nudges to keep on going)
  • BONUS! The Brand Building BOOTCAMP!

Grab your spot in Content Marketing for Children's Authors today... or keep on trying with that spaghetti. 😜

If you are sick of throwing spaghetti on the wall... 

...and then taking a picture of it, hoping it's 'good' content...

Sell your books and increase your impact in a way that doesn't feel icky or salesy. Create a specific strategy that works!

Get the Brand Building Bootcamp for FREE with this course!

"I refer to Laurie as my "coach" and I hang on every word she says! She is knowledgeable, but not pretentious or unrealistic as to the amount of time we have to devote to coursework. I like that sometimes when I'm stuck in the land of ideas and trying to figure out what to do next she comes along with a call to action that feels doable and gets me focused. She is available for questions and I love that I don't feel embarrassed asking what feels silly or like something I "should" know. The content marketing course is just the right balance of stretching/growing my abilities and fitting in with the capacity I have right now. If you are looking for some help with content marketing - stop looking and hire Laurie." -Caitlin B. 

14 Modules

What you'll learn in this course

Welcome to the course!

So glad you're here! Please join the FB group here - friend me on FB first! 

A few notes:

  • it's a long game! No quick sales, no magic pill. ...darnit...
  • the interactive part of this course is held in a FB group and will continue indefinitely - >>> Click here to join
  • I might take up to 24 hours to respond to a comment in the group, and I try really hard not to work on weekends. You can still post, and other authors can help out too!

Brand Building - Overview

Make sure to click 'Mark as Complete' after you've done each module to unlock the BONUS!!

👉 You need 10 EP to get it!

Finding Our Target Audience

To figure out our ideal audience member, we're going to do some research and create a profile!

Watch the first video, here is the link to fill out the sheet on canva, or I've uploaded a blank one to print or a fillable one to open as a pdf and complete.

We want WHO they are, WHY they are online, and what their needs are!

Test Ideas

Test ideas are things you put up to see how people react. If they respond well, do more of it! If you get crickets, cross it off your list.

You can test out pictures vs videos vs just your writing.

Test topics, themes, memes, gifs, etc to see what gets a good reaction!

You'll have an evolving list of things to expand on for your blog posts.

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