Brand Building Bootcamp

Brand Building Bootcamp

Build a brand and instantly level-up your marketing!

You know how when it's been a while since you first published your book, and you start to realize that the 'spaghetti on the wall strategy' you've been using might not be a great long term option?

You poke around online and hear the term 'branding' used quite a bit, but what does it really mean? 

At it's core, branding is 👉 consistent messaging, cohesive posts and speaking your target audience's language.

This bootcamp uses videos to walk you through the decision you need to make to present a consistent message - through words, pictures, tone and message - to the world! 

7 Modules

What to expect in this course

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Find Your Fonts

Colors & Patterns

Finish it up!

Making STOP THE SCROLL worthy posts on social

Finding Our Target Audience

To figure out our ideal audience member, we're going to do some research and create a profile!

Watch the first video, here is the link to fill out the sheet on canva, or I've uploaded a blank one to print or a fillable one to open as a pdf and complete.

We want WHO they are, WHY they are online, and what their needs are!

Modules for this product 7
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