Metadata Foundation Set Up

If your book has fallen into Amazon's abyss

(or you have just published your first book)

and you want to master the Amazon set up, BOOST visibility & sales...

You may not be sure where to start, but you do know how you want to end - with your book SELLING WELL!

Save time, energy and avoid missteps...

Set your metadata up RIGHT.


  • recorded videos that you have access to anytime
  • explanation of how to analyze your current metadata
  • suggestions for tools to use moving forward to streamline this process
  • book description formula


  • you've recently published a children's book
  • you have no idea what 'metadata' means
  • you've never redone your keywords or categories
  • you have access to your book details and an account on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)


  • work at your own speed
  • less than an afternoon to watch the videos
  • 1-3 hours to research and redo your metadata, depending on how many books you have published
  • ongoing tweaking as you learn how the changes you've made effect your sales


  • a book page that CONVERTS
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 Metadata Foundation Set Up
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