Beyond the Book: Marketing Mastermind - Trial Week!

Beyond the Book: Marketing Mastermind - Trial Week!

A trial week for the popular Beyond the Book Marketing Mastermind!

This is going to make ALL the difference in your book business. What does that mean?

This module will help you be prepared to be PRODUCTIVE. Learn how to schedule your time BETTER, and get your sanity back - this goes way beyond the standard to do list. 

Ready to...

  • learn a smarter way to decide how you'll spend your time?

  • skillfully plan your week, according to actual goals?

  • get more done, in less time, because you know what you're doing (finally!)?


...sticky note to-do lists

...reams of things you think you SHOULD be doing running through your mind constantly, even when you're sleeping

...constant indecision about what's the most important thing to spend your time on

...looking back on the day, week or month wondering, 'What did I even DO??'

If it's time for a change, jump on in!

16 Modules

Pre-Work _ Optimize your Amazon

Metadata Keywords

Amazon Ads creation

This is a recording of a LIVE class. I wish you could have been there, but it's okay because I recorded it!

Something fun is coming in my new FB group- have you joined yet? Click here to join, answer the questions, let's hang out!

Analysis PDF

Digital Assets

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Connect the Dots!

Modules for this product 16
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