Find Your Fonts

Let's talk about FONTS!

Simply by using the same fonts consistently, your posts will look like they belong TOGETHER. ie. a BRAND - yay!

Watch the video, choose 2-3 fonts and record them here.

FONT HACK: How to choose fonts faster by browsing through 100's of fonts in seconds using Google Fonts.

Google Fonts ( is one of my favorite hacks for determining brand fonts quickly or looking for specialty fonts for logos or projects;

  • Allows you to see 100's of fonts at once; Sort between serif, san serif, handwritten, etc
  • Numbers
  • paragraph style
  • Type in your own brand name and see how it will look
  • 90% of Google fonts are already in Canva so this is great to save time or if you are on the free version of Canva
  • All Google Fonts are free to download  --> Note you must be on the paid version of Canva to upload a font

3 Lessons

Brand Visuals

A cohesive, consistent brand is memorable!

Having a strong visual brand identity is important because it can help you stand out from the competition, being easily recognized as YOU, and ultimately lead to more sales.


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