Photos & Logos | Making Graphics

These are the last steps!

Watch the video first, you're going choose your style of photos, create a QUICK logo and then make some graphics. Record them all here.


👉 OR

👉 Eye-dropper color picker tool

Stock Photo sites:

Lesson Activity

Here's what you should have now that you're done:

  • a set of fonts, colors, & patterns that you will use consistently in your social media posts & emails
  • a set of topics that you will consistently write about, to help your audience get to know you and understand what to expect from you
  • an idea of how to make posts that look good, and that people will be able to use to FIND YOU again

What's next?

Now move into the Content Marketing course and get started growing your audience!

3 Lessons

Brand Visuals

A cohesive, consistent brand is memorable!

Having a strong visual brand identity is important because it can help you stand out from the competition, being easily recognized as YOU, and ultimately lead to more sales.


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