Brand Stories

Brand Stories

The three types of signature stories for you to write to use in your marketing are: 

  1. Your Creation Story 
  2. Your Process Story 
  3. Your Why Story 

Once you write them out once, you don't need to again. These are where you draw from for podcast interviews, guest blogging, Press Releases, News Features, introductions in emails etc. It is SO helpful to have them written out ahead of time, for when you need to remember how it all went, and to keep your story straight. As you grow, it's easy to forget the little bits that made your journey unique. 

Don't skip this part!

Your Creation story

Your Creation Story documents the creation of your book business/brand and answers these important questions: 

  • What inspired or motivated you to create your book? 
  • How did you get your start with it? 
  • What struggles did you have in creating your book? 
  • How did you overcome those struggles and what lessons did you learn from those struggles? 
  • What do you do differently now than what it did in the beginning? (if applicable)
  • What is the future of your book business? 

Your Creation story is important to tell on a regular basis as you are growing your following and getting in front of new people. 

It really answers that question of how you got your start, and gives people something to grab onto from the very first moment of meeting you or your brand. 

Your Process Story

Your Process Story documents how you do what you do. 

The idea here is to take your followers behind the 'factory doors'.

To showcase how the product that they purchase is delivered. Process stories are so important because they not only give your followers an insider perspective, but they also help demystify the process of purchasing from or working with you so it’s easy for your followers to imagine buying your product. 

And, process stories show how much time, energy, and effort go into creating the product that you sell. By showcasing the creation or process of your book and resources, your followers begin to see the value in what it is that you sell.

The only real framework for creating your process story is to sit down and write down the process of creating a book step by step. 

From there, remove anything that is proprietary or secret that you don't want to share with your audience. 

Your Why Story 

Your Why story explains the reason and purpose behind your book business. 

While your creation story shares how your book business started, your why story discusses why it started. 

To create your why story, answer these questions: 

  • What inspired you to create your book the first time? 
  • What problem did you notice that you wanted to solve? 
  • What is the benefit behind your book? Why do you hope readers will get from it? 
  • What are you most passionate about when it comes to your book/s? 
  • What is the mission or purpose for your book business?

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Brand Stories

Get your story straight!

Brand stories are used to create a sense of trust and connection with potential customers, collaborators and even investors! They are essential for any business. 


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