Marketing 101 for Children's Authors

Book Marketing - When You Know Better, You Do Better!

Ever wonder how some authors seem to effortlessly attract attention and sales on social media? If you're toying with the idea of leaving social media altogether, but worry about losing out on book sales, you're not alone.

The truth is, simply posting on social media isn't enough. Many authors scatter posts like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks. But real engagement comes from understanding and applying the basics of marketing.

'Marketing 101' is designed to demystify marketing for authors.

It takes you from overwhelmed to confidently navigating marketing strategies that amplify your reach and sales.

What's inside:

  • A look at essential steps you might have missed in the publishing rush
  • Guidance on defining your online identity, making your brand and book stand out
  • Insights into generating traffic, the lifeblood of sales
  • A deep dive into making the most of social media, with practical tips on how to be on social without being on your phone all day
  • Tips for optimizing your book page to capture and intrigue potential readers

If you can learn the marketing basics, you can run a successful book business.

Even if you’ve never run any business before, don’t know how to schedule a post and have never thought about ‘traffic’ except when you’re cruisin' in the minivan. 

If you want to market your books like you’ve known how to all along, you need a marketing course given by a fellow author who’s been where you are.

‘Marketing 101’ is the first step to growing your book’s impact and getting more sales. 

You’ll go from a spinning head (all the marketing jargon - blech!) to seeing and understanding the macro picture of where the different types of marketing comes in, and then you’ll zoom in on some targeted areas that will work for YOU. 

If you know you need this stuff, why wait?!
It's time to make it easier on yourself.

6 Modules

Your Book Foundation

Books need a STRONG Foundation

Before you start marketing your book, you want to make sure your book listing is OPTIMIZED. (ie. as good as possible to get discovered and get sales)

You can get through all of these four modules in an afternoon, but BEFORE you click 'Publish' (ie. make the changes) do all the changes FIRST.

OTHERWISE, you have to wait at least 24 hours in between each time.

(if you're only doing one module a day or a week, then go ahead and publish the changes each time)

Branding 101

Action Plan:

This is a process you'll be continually tweaking over the coming years.  Spend about 3 days working on these activities to start with, and accept that over the next 6 months you'll want to change bits and pieces sometimes.  

And that's okay!

Traffic 101

Action Plan:

This module is for you to understand the overall strategy you can use to generate more traffic. This is an ongoing process. Once you start it you'll continue it - with adjustments and new resources to offer - for as long as you are selling & marketing your books. 

Amazon Ads

Ads take a while (about a month) to learn, and given that Amazon changes the ads dashboard and the backend system frequently, this will be an area that you will constantly need to pay attention to. Similar to social media though, when you understand the basics you'll be able to adapt to any changes that happen in the future. 

Modules for this product 6
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