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✔️ You have a message to share with the world and want to grow your impact (more sales wouldn't hurt either!)

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Image Creation Helper Pack!

These 600+ quotes and fonts are perfect for fast image creation. Speed up your process!

Indie Author Income Accelerator

Accelerate your traffic, audience growth and income!

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Book Page Description Service

Hire Laurie to optimize your book's description on Amazon! Finally have a description that converts!

Picture Book Publishing Process

How to Self-Publish Children's Books. It's time to make your dream happen.

Launch Plan for Children's Authors [2021]

For novice authors: introduce your book to the world using an effective strategy just for us.

Amazon Ads - Initial Set Up

Does it feel like your book has enormous potential if it could only get SEEN?! Set up ads well so it can be!

Amazon Ads - Analyze & Adjust

You've made the ads, now you have to figure out what all of it means!

Email KIT

You know you need to add email marketing to your skill set, but where to start⁉️ START HERE!

Content Marketing for Children's Authors

Want to be a master marketer? Get ready to increase your audience and explode your impact 🚀 

Monthly Momentum Club

Maintain MOMENTUM by reducing your content creation time and instead spend more time connecting with readers, growing your impact and making more sales!

Beyond the Book: Marketing Mastermind

A Mastermind for when you are ready to SCALE your book business

Beyond the Book: Marketing Mastermind - Trial Week!

The Marketing Mastermind for children authors is perfect for authors who are ready to take control of their sales & marketing, and turn an expensive hobby into a book business.

Buy the full program (coupon included!)

Marketing 101 for Children's Authors

For novice authors: Grow your impact and make more book sales!

Prime Day Strategy_2021

Here's your chance to cash in on the massive amount of traffic that will be happening on Amazon on Prime Day!

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