Email KIT

Email KIT

Finally! Help with email marketing that is easy to follow and just in time! (because it's never been more important to email your readers)

Did you know that many authors spend hour of time and buckets of their energy creating a lead magnet, but then they don't set up emails that get sent when people download it? The reader is happy - they get their freebie! But the author is leaving more than just money on the table in this scenario. They're leaving the opportunity to establish relationships with all of those people. Those potential raving fans, shouting cheerleaders, and future launch team members!

The Email Kit is for you if you've ever:

  • struggled with how to set up an email service provider
  • wondered how to write and automate a welcome series
  • gotten stuck because you didn't know what to write!

Save time by starting from templates. Save mental anguish, because you're not doing something you KNOW you should be doing! 

Grow your engaged audience, make more sales, learn to love email!

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