Email of The Month Club

Email of The Month Club

Grow your impact and make more book sales with

done for you email templates!

You want to go beyond the basics, grow your book biz and make more sales. You CAN, by doing something very few others do.

Send emails, get loads of interaction, and expand your business.

Most people think once you start posting on social media you’ll be seen by thousands of people who immediately fall in LOVE with you and everything you stand for - but they’re wrong.  

They’re wrong because most small business owners use the ‘throw spaghetti on the wall’ method - they post random bits of flotsam and sprinkle in posts like ‘MY NEW PRODUCT IS OUT SOON PRE-ORDER NOW’ and call it marketing.

A billion-zillion people could see those posts and never fall in love with you, your product or what you stand for. 

If you can learn email basics, you can run a successful business.
Even if you’ve never run any business before, don’t know how to schedule a post and have never thought about ‘traffic’ except when you’re cruisin in the minivan. 

You can send weekly emails, even if you’re just starting out and you only found out yesterday what an email service provider is!

If you want to maximize the value of every single customers, you need to stay in touch with them.

If you're going to stay in touch, your emails can't suck. 

But we all know how busy life is, and the emails 'To-Do' on your list gets pushed down again, and agin and AGAIN!

With 4 done-for-you email each month, you have no reason not to email your customers! You'll be set for a month in about an hour.

Here's what to expect:

  • Four emails that requite minimal customization to send to your list weekly

  • Emails will be sent every 30 days for as long as you're subscribed

  • Cancelling is easy, just send a message to and your subscription will be cancelled, no questions asked. 

You know you need to send emails, why put it off any longer?!
Join the club now and grow your biz!

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