Lead Magnet for Email List Growth

When you want to grow your email list and launch to a warm audience, this Lead Magnet Template & Strategy training is the answer to quickly creating a lead magnet and offering it your following! 

Imagine if you'd had a warm audience (ie. hundreds of people who were used to hearing from you, who enjoyed reading your emails and who stuck around to hear from you on purpose) last time you launched a book? If you hadn't had to hustle every extra minute, trying to create interest in a launch team, bribe people to review your book, or suffer through all those follow ups – while never having to think to yourself ‘My book is coming out soon and no one is even paying attention!’ again.
The best bits in a nutshell:
-  HUGE vault of canva templates for an ebook/guide – meaning you'll save hours of time and effort creating one!
-  Audio training on WHY a lead magnet, what are GOOD choices, and the one you should never do  – so you can listen on the go, and decide which one makes sense for you
-  What makes a 'good' lead magnet  – helping you to create something people actually WANT
Other details:
-       Detailed explanation on how to customize the templates
-       Extensive list of where to PUT your lead magnet, once it's created
-       NO fluff, all actionable info so you can make your lead magnet FAST

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