Picture Book Publishing Process

Smash Tradition!

Self-publishing is not just for weirdos, wannabes and super niche writers anymore. It’s a BILLION dollar industry, and you can be a part of it!

Work together with me as your guide, and step by step we'll get from start to finish, where START is 'I have this idea....' and FINISH is a published book in your hands!

Your book, published. Finally.

After this course you'll:

  • have a well-written, edited children's book that appeals to a market you have researched
  • understand the steps to take from plan to published, including
    • market research
    • sellable stories
    • good pricing
    • ebook creation
    • how to find an illustrator
  • have a clear message for all social media outreach
  • understand copywriting, how it differs from the book itself and where to use it
  • know what to do when/if things go wrong!

I can't wait to work with you, guide you through the self-publishing process and celebrate with you when we're done!

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