Beginning Author Marketing Membership

Beginning Author Marketing Membership

Introducing the BRAND NEW Marketing Membership for Beginning Authors!

Hearing new authors say 'I suck at marketing', 'I hate marketing', or 'Why can't I just WRITE?!' is hard to hear, especially when it doesn't have to be that way!

This brand new membership specially designed for new and struggling childrens authors will make book marketing easier than you realized it could be, so that FINALLY you can feel confident about your book marketing!

What's Included:

  • Ideas for marketing tasks you can do every single day, no matter how much time you have (5 minutes / 30 minutes / 60 minutes+)
  • Monthly group trainings (eg. visual brand building, how to get more traffic to your book page, quarterly campaign planning, cold outreach to influencers, brand messaging, website design, etc.)
  • Triple Your Reach 30 Day Social challenge
  • Swipe files for social posts & emails

  • Weekly feedback sessions


🔥 The Pitch Kit 🔥

🔥 The Email Kit 🔥

🔥 The Media Kit 🔥

Marketing works...

...when you know what to do!

Established author and marketing coach, Laurie pulls from her teaching background to make sure you never feel overwhelmed, or left behind.

NO MORE spaghetti at the wall, fingers crossed, hoping & praying 'marketing' tactics.

When you're in the BAMM group, you'll KNOW what to do and how to do it.

Join Now, Your Book Deserves It!

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