Q4 Domination!

Learn how to maximize your marketing & promotion campaigns so you can make more sales, clear out your stock and feel CONFIDENT with your plan, without stress or last minute, frantic work sessions! 

The Q4 Domination Masterclass will help you take control of your marketing by creating a campaign plan and PRE scheduling it out, so that nothing is left to chance ...or the last minute (=stresssss)

If you feel badly because you haven't figured out your book marketing yet - STOP IT! Chances are, you don't have a sales or marketing background. And even if you do, book marketing can be a lot different. It's not your fault.

You wanted to write your book and share it with children all over the world! But now you're realizing that in order to do that, you need to learn how to market it. Marketing takes a lot of energy to set up, so why not start small? How about you focus on just the last quarter of the year, and DOMINATE IT. 

Whether you're new to marketing or have been doing it for a while, there'll be something that'll help you take things to next level:

💥 Top Level strategies for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas & New Years
💥 5 Media Leads to pitch for holiday guides, features, blogs, publications
💥 Complete timeline for planning and execution of marketing & promo campaigns
💥 6 options of different campaigns you can run!

Don't leave your sales up to an algorithm!  Upgrade for additional work sessions, templates & swipes to make your implement what you learn.

💥 3 work/Q&A sessions (Aug 26, Sept 8, Sept 22) 💥 social media captions & image swipes 💥 email swipes  


💥 Enjoy a free trial in the BAMM ❤️‍🔥 club (Brilliant Authors Making Money) 

What's the BAMM club?

💥 weekly live sessions that include Q&A, trainings, or implementation of trainings
💥 recorded trainings on ALL THE THINGS (websites, email lists, customer journey, perfect people - so much more!)
💥 supportive group to ask higher level questions, get feedback and cheer each on! 

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Get ready to dominate your Q4 marketing!

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